That’s just the way it is!”


Too many fall into this fatalistic statement, buying into its limitations, accepting the inability of impact, while venturing on the side of mediocrity and  going with the flow! When you buy into this philosophy it does a number of things:


  • Releases you from responsibility to think differently as you have stated you are powerless to bring change.
  • Accepts status quo as normal and acceptable, not only for today but tomorrow as well.
  • Acknowledges that someone else is determining your fate, future, input and impact on this subject / situation.
  • Attempts to bring others into the same mindset by forcing on them the same limitations that you have just accepted on yourself.
  • Totally shuts down any creative solution or idea that may try and surface.
  • Drives creative and problem solving people away from you.


We are all grateful that there have been many men and women in the world who didn’t accept gravity as “that’s just the way it is” but allowed creative thought and experimentation to overcome the limitations that gravity has on us. I am grateful for them every time I visit someplace that is more than a seven hour drive from home.


What are you accepting as status quo! Change almost inevitably comes. Except of course Jesus! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As far as almost anything else. It will change at some point in time, that almost a given. The question is will you accept the opportunity to bring it about or settle within the mantra of “That’s just the way it is!” and therefore releasing yourself of an opportunity to impact the word around you and make it a better place.


Far better to take a risk and break the limitations by moving from “That’s just the way it is!” to “This is the way it can be!”