Have you ever developed a message/teaching and thought, it will be great when so and so hear this. What I have to share will really impact them and it will be so beneficial for them to take in the wisdom and insight that I am about to share. And then when the time comes, they are the one unit that isn’t there. And you are bummed feeling less than excited because they will not be there to experience what you have to share.


I remember one time years ago when I had a leaders meeting and I was really looking forward to sharing. There were some gaps in some leadership practices that I was witnessing and I was looking forward to bringing about change in the church I was leading. And, yes, the ones that I thought would benefit the most from what I had to share didn’t show up. I remember feeling discouraged and almost like the wind was knocked out of my sails as I viewed the group in front of me, minus the people who “needed it most”. I walked out of the room discouraged and the Holy Spirit checked me. Ron, if you don’t change your attitude, you will ruin it for the ones who are here. Pour into them as they are the important ones for you at this very moment.


And I did. I changed my mindset immediately, grateful for the opportunity to pour into those who took the time to be there. And we had an amazing time together. I learned a valuable lesson in leadership that day. Run with those who want to run with you. Impact those who are available. Pour into those who are thirsty. Feed those who are hungry. And then trust the Lord to draw the others as you make the time you have with the group you have the best it has ever been. People gravitate where there is life. Bring life to everything you do!