There are good reasons to start a church but also some bad reasons. This post will focus on the positive side and suggest two great reasons to plant the church that God has laid on your heart. Ready? Here we go!


1. People Still Need the Gospel


Many people are praying for the 2nd coming of Jesus. I think that is great, but it is also heartbreaking in a way. You see, while many Christians are praying for His 2nd coming, there are hundreds of thousands (at least) who have never heard about Jesus’ 1st coming. There are people in our communities who never spoke of spiritual matters. This topic wasn’t even on their radar. These folks need to hear the gospel!

There are people who will never set foot in certain churches.  Church plants however seem to have a way of reaching those who are far from Christ and bringing them into a safe place. This is done through intentional outreach and a heart for true discipleship.

Church plants can reach a different demographic of people by serving their community in fresh and effective ways.


2. Every Community Needs Churches of Reconciliation


All communities have a similar problem. They each know that things aren’t right, but the solutions are mere band-aids to the main issue. More education, more sports opportunities, more public parks, or more gun laws do not solve the problem. The problem is sin.


Our communities are filled with broken people in need of reconciliation with their heavenly Father. The real need in a community is not more activity or cosmetic changes but a reconciled relationship with God through Jesus.


C Peter Wagner said, “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” I still believe this to be true.


If you are called to plant a church within the USA and would like to explore the possibility of doing so with DOVE USA, please send us an email or complete the church planter assessment.