Time! We all assume that there are 24 hours new and fresh coming at us tomorrow. At least I do. And what I don’t get done today, tomorrow is another day where I can pick up where I left off. And we all know with a fact that we always have time to do what is important.


I haven’t heard anyone in the past year say, “I have so busy I didn’t have time to eat all week. It was just one thing after another and my schedule was so full that all food was left untouched.” Ah, maybe for a day but I doubt you went longer than that unless it was planned.


Or, “My week was so compressed that I didn’t have time to brush my teeth, take a shower or even change clothes since last weekend.” Yeah, that probably isn’t going to happen either.


The reality is that we always find the time to do what is necessary and what we deem important during any given day. It isn’t that we are saying something isn’t important, it is just that by our actions, we have determined that some things are more important than others, according to our own perceived value scale.


Last week, I was summoned to my neighbor’s house late one evening. He was in the midst of a heart attack and his wife called me to come quick. I administered CPR until the medical team arrived, at which point they took over while I continued to pray for his heart and his life. He is with Jesus now! One moment he was watching TV, commenting to his wife about a commercial and the next second, he was in the presence of the Lord. No chance to do one more thing, no opportunity to say anything extra, nor clarify something he had sad before, and no time to let his wife know once more how much he loved her. In a second, his life was over and eternity began.


We all know that every breath is a gift from the one who gives life, Jesus Christ, but walking through that experience impacted me in many more ways than I will expound on here. The reality that at any given moment, we are one heartbeat away from eternity is a fresh sobering reality for me.


And in that reality, I want to make sure that I do the important things on a daily basis. Any adjustments you need to make?