church plant must do's by Jeff Hoglen DOVE Church Planting USA

While new churches are unique to their local context, there are some key factors that are consistent with all of the church plants. I call these the Four “Must Do’s” of church planting. 


Here are 4 things you must do as you begin your church planting journey:


1. Be Ready! Spiritual warfare is alive and well and should not be ignored! 


Show up – prayed up, expecting there to be resistance. Our enemy doesn’t like the expansion of God’s kingdom, and if you are planting a church that’s going to make a difference, you are a target!  So don’t be surprised when your patience is tested and when things go sideways.


2. Networking in your community is vital!


It’s not only fundraising or planning great services. For those church planters that start with zero money and zero people, I believe that your core team can be found within the community in which God is sending you. As you network, ask God for divine connections and then see what He does 🙂


3. Be sure your relationship with Jesus is priority #1.


It is so easy to get into the “must do” part of church planting. If we ignore our relationship with Jesus, then what in the world are we really doing? Answer: Spreading hypocrisy from day one! We need to live out what we are professing and telling others to do.


4. Connect with those who have gone before you or are a bit ahead of you. 


If you don’t have a coach, I highly recommend you get one. If you don’t have a coach, I pray that you would at the very least gather with pastors/ church planters who have gone before you and paid the “dumb tax” so you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

I understand that when you first start out, you may be a bit overconfident. Trust me – I know this. After a few months, you will realize that you need help. Get the help up front. Get help from people you trust.

There is a big difference between theory and reality. There is also a huge difference between the churches that you have read about and your local context. What works in California may not work in New England. What works in the rural areas of NC may not work in the suburbs or urban areas of the same state. It’s ok if you didn’t know this. We all have “blind spots.” Bottom line: realize you need help… and then make a few calls and get some coaching and mentoring.

Church planters, you got this!


Be patient.

It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy, but if God is in it, rest assured it will come to pass.