Planting a Community Church

When I say “needed,” I need to qualify that word. If you are planting a house church or micro church, then you may not need these 5 positions. That’s the beauty of “simple church.”

This blog post is about planting community churches.

Based on my 20+ years of experience, these 5 key positions are needed for community churches to start in a healthy, life-giving way. (By the way, DOVE International is Pro-Church.  We believe that God is working within house churches, community churches as well as mega-churches.)

Just a couple of thoughts before we jump into our list: 1) These 5 positions do not have to be paid positions. 2) I would recommend that those serving in these areas of ministry have a passion for what they do and aren’t just filling a slot.


1. Lead Pastor (Lead Elder)


This should be a no-brainer, right? Well, I’ve seen churches form and claim that they all have a voice and nobody is the leader. That works only until there is a big decision to be made or a disagreement amongst the group. You have to have a point leader! Every football team needs a quarterback, and every church needs a pastor/lead elder who can lead well.


2. Worship Arts Director


I’m not talking about a cool, edgy, skinny jeans-wearing song leader, but someone who has a heart for worship and can build teams at every level.

A knack for stage design, graphic design, and videography are major pluses.  This should be one of the first “hires” when finances are available. Why? Because it’s that important!


3. Children’s Director


An awesome children’s director is a MUST for church plants. Why? Because you should care about the next generation, and you don’t want the children to be subjected to flannel boards or someone who thinks they are just babysitting. This person should have a passion to reach the younger generations and is teachable and flexible.

Note to Pastors and leadership teams – Be sure the children’s department has the resources they need. Also, be willing to get the children’s director ongoing training.


4. Director of Discipleship


We can also call this the Assimilation Director. Basically, this is someone who helps people along the discipleship pathway. How does someone go from a first-time visitor or brand new believer to a fully committed follower of Jesus?

If your church has small groups, this person handles the training of small group leaders/ facilitators. Whatever your pathway or assimilation process, this position is critical.

People need and want to be led. We, as leaders, need to know where we are leading them.


5. Administration


This is such a key role that again, and guess what?  There are many people who have administrative giftings who are willing to serve and support the vision and mission of the local church. 


Question: What would you add or subtract from this list?