Key quality of an effective church planter

One of the key qualities of an effective church planter is probably not what you think. It’s not theological knowledge, marketing skills, or even the ability to raise funds. While all those things are important, a successful church planter’s essential quality is much simpler: passion. Passion for the lost, passion for seeing people come to know Christ, and passion to be obedient to God’s calling on your life. If you have that passion burning inside of you, then everything else will fall into place. 


A thriving church planter is passionate about their faith.


A successful church planter is passionate about Jesus and His relationship with us. Therefore, they prioritize their relationship with Him and seek to spread His message of grace and love. This passion motivates them to work tirelessly for the Kingdom, planting churches that foster community and holiness. It’s an exciting endeavor, as they envision something new that serves others and glorifies God. 

A long-term successful church planter lives out his faith daily by following Jesus, learning from Him, leading people to Him, and helping them grow in their relationship with Him.


They have a clear vision for their church plant and can articulate it to others.


The leaders of the new church have a great vision that is clearly defined. Not only do they know what mission they’re to pursue, but they can articulate it in a way that anyone can understand and get behind. They live by the great commission and great commandment, which allows them to bring unity amongst their team and demonstrate how their mission impacts everyone on a daily basis.  


They are willing to work hard and sacrifice their time and resources for the sake of the Gospel.


I love committed church planters. They are truly inspiring people. They are willing to go the extra mile and even put their careers and personal lives on the line for the sake of sharing Jesus’ love with others. Committed church planters and their teams continually prioritize spreading the Gospel above all else – even if it means making sacrifices. Their dedication to evangelizing makes it clear that they believe that nothing is more important. It’s all about Jesus, and they are prepared to do what it takes to make sure His word gets out there. It may not be easy – but it is always worth it.


Successful church planters are good at building relationships and connecting with people.


Building a solid core team is essential to a thriving church. Some individuals have a special knack for building strong relationships with people and connecting on a deep level while also being mindful of building trust-based relationships. People are magnets and have the ability to gather, are the perfect ingredient to any team-building process. 


Effective church planters are humble and open to feedback.


They are humble and receptive to feedback, especially if they happen to be planting a church in an area in which they are unfamiliar.

It takes a brave individual to admit to a lack of knowledge or understanding, enabling them to reach out and gain guidance that helps them grow. This willingness to learn and grow is the cornerstone of a successful team leader (and even member) who strives for excellence. 


They are excited about taking risks and reaching people for Christ in new ways.


Outreach is a vital part of church planting! Taking risks and finding innovative ways to reach more people for Christ isn’t always easy, but it is crucial to ensure the church can spread the good news of Jesus. Looking for and finding fresh ways of outreach are needed when it comes to reaching out to new places and different kinds of people; that way, the church can make sure no one is left behind in the mission! 

If you are planting a church and want to be an effective church planter, be passionate about the call of God in your life. 

Pray up and be ready to work.