Expectations! Expectations are in every aspect of our lives. We have expectations on just about every aspect of our lives, from the traffic flow on the way to our destination this morning to the outcome of our investment in people’s lives throughout the years. And everything in between. We all carry expectations on what our current and future lives will be like.


But what happens when expectations and reality don’t exactly match. How does that impact our world or more importantly our world view as our world view is often formed by our life experiences. Does reality form our expectations or does our expectations help to form our reality?


And that is where the Word comes in. Regdless of whether our expectations are our reality or not, it doesn’t change the truth of the Word of God and its impact on our lives. A Biblical world view is the correct view regardless of the lens of life’s experiences you are looking through. If your life lens doesn’t match up to a Biblical world view, don’t negate the reality of the circumstances, just don’t fall into the temptation to change your expectations to fit your reality. Better to continue to believe God that His world view supersedes your current reality and will usher you into a new reality, your God given, Biblical expectations. Hope for the future goes way beyond current experience.


All in All the Time