Many times we question whether we are being effective? Are the things we are doing really counting/amounting to anything of real value. Because most times we are limited to what we can see in the natural, we base our assumptions on what we can see in the natural. I believe that everything we do will have ramifications, either positive or negative, and there will always be implications for ourselves and most times someone else.


Years ago I read a book called “The Butterfly Effect” by Andy Andrews. It is a wonderful book, worth the read and I highly recommend it. It gives powerful examples of life changing events that from the surface look like this individual is responsible, when in reality, when traced back, it reveals a simple act (turbulence caused by a butterfly wing) that started a chain reaction of events that lead to something so much greater than the original action.


I love what is happening across this nation right now in Asbury and numerous other college campuses as well as other places. I believe it stated long before two weeks ago. I believe it started years ago by people just like you and me praying for revival/outpouring/visitations and a move that only God could get the credit for. And we are experiencing answers to those prayers.


What are you currently praying for that you are not seeing the results to yet. I was with someone this past week and they said, maybe I am praying for something that is unrealistic and I need to change my prayer. My response, “No, keep praying and believing for the unrealistic! I have not found anywhere in scripture where the Lord chastises people for having too much faith.” Keep praying and believing, or as the book analogy goes, keep flapping your butterfly wings. While it may seem insignificant to you, who knows the turbulence (outcome) it will cause weeks, months, years from now.