In today’s landscape of social media, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to be noticed. The crazy video, the edgy post, the controversial quote, are all ways to be noticed. The more crazy, more edgy, more controversial it is, the more clicks, likes, shares, we receive. It feeds the need that all of us carry from when we were two years old and cried out in various ways, either in actions or speech the simple desire of notice me!!


While everyone likes to be noticed, a better goal, from my perspective, is to be needed. The foundational question I need to ask myself is this, would I rather be noticed when I am there or missed when I am not? Personally, I would rather strive for the “missed” concept. But this one takes a lot more work, a lot more investment and a much longer time to develop.


Granted, it is far easier to be noticed than missed, but in the long-range scheme of things it is far better to be needed than noticed. When you are needed, if you are not there, you are missed. Focus on adding value to everything that you are involved in and in a relatively short period of time, you will be missed when your presence isn’t there.


Fill a need and you’ll be noticed for all the good, right and lasting reasons for a much longer period of time. Or, go ahead and settle for just being noticed. Just know that it will be short lived, and you’ll need to do something soon that is crazy, edgy, or controversial to be noticed again.