It is never just about you! There are always ramifications to every decision you make. From the cheeseburger you decided to purchase (you have helped to create a job for the person behind the counter) to your life passion….(hunting is not just about you, it also impacts all of those around you).


My decision to ride motorcycle since I was a teenager has impacted my entire family. Sometimes a really good impact, (miles and miles of fun and great stories/memories. I put 50,000 miles on one I am selling) and sometimes a very painful impact! (those are the ones I would like to forget but have learned valuable lessons the hard and very painful way).


Our decision to plant a church in 1987 has had profound impact, not just to me and my family, but to many other lives that we have interacted with these past years. What a privilege it has been!


When you have the realization that your decision impacts a much broader world than just yourself, the weightiness of your decision brings pause, and that is a good thing. Move too fast and make a decision only on how it will impact you without considering the long term impact on others can lead to years of disappointment and regret. Better to think beyond yourself and especially beyond the moment.