leadership in church planting

Starting a church is not a task for those who shy away from challenges. In our blog post, we’re going to highlight the indispensable leadership qualities that empower church planters to not only embark on this journey but to excel in it. These qualities aren’t optional extras; they are the very core of what it takes to navigate the complex and rewarding process of church planting.


1. Laser-focused Vision


If there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable in the life of a church planter, it’s having a laser-focused vision. This isn’t about dreaming big for the sake of grandeur; it’s about being so aligned with God’s heart that His vision becomes yours. It’s seeing not just what is but what could be through God’s power. A church planter with a laser-focused vision can inspire others to catch the dream and run with it, transforming a shared vision into a living, breathing community of faith.

Cultivating this kind of vision means kneeling before you’re ever standing at the pulpit. It means seeking God’s face with relentless dedication, allowing His heartbeat to shape your mission. And when you communicate this vision, do it with the conviction of someone who’s seen the promised land, even if you’re standing on the edge of the desert.


2. Unshakeable Spiritual Grit


The journey of planting a church is sprinkled with moments of triumph and trials. It’s in this landscape that spiritual grit becomes your backbone. This is about having a faith so tenacious that when the storms hit—and they will—you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. Spiritual grit means leaning into God’s strength when yours is spent, finding joy in the journey, and peace in His promises.

To build this spiritual fortitude, immerse yourself in the Word, let prayer be your first response (not your last resort), and surround yourself with believers who remind you of God’s faithfulness. Remember, your resilience isn’t just for you; it’s a beacon of hope for everyone watching your journey.


3. Agile Adaptability


In a world that’s constantly evolving, agility is your superpower. This is about being so in tune with the Holy Spirit that you can pivot with purpose, not panic. Agile adaptability means you’re open to change, ready to rethink strategies, and willing to embrace innovation, all while staying anchored to the unchanging truth of the Gospel.

Being adaptively agile means you’re a lifelong learner, always ready to listen, learn, and lead in new ways. It’s about having the humility to admit when something isn’t working and the courage to try something that might. In the end, it’s not just about keeping up with the times but being ahead of them, leading from the forefront of what God is doing in your community.