churches that multiply.Hey friends, let’s chat about something close to my heart—planting churches that plant churches. It’s like that “pay it forward” idea, but for spreading the good news. Imagine not just reaching your neighborhood but setting off a chain reaction that touches the world. Sounds awesome, right?

This isn’t about just launching a cool new church spot. It’s about sparking a wildfire of faith that spreads from community to community. This vision is big—it’s bold—and it’s exactly what Jesus had in mind.

So, how do we make this dream a reality? It’s all about getting down to brass tacks, mixing a hefty dose of faith with some practical smarts.


Here’s the Game Plan:


Share the Dream: 

Picture this: you’re not just inviting folks to a new church; you’re inviting them into a grand adventure. It’s like saying, “Hey, want to help start something that could change the world?” Get everyone jazzed about the idea that they’re part of something bigger than themselves and will live beyond their lifetimes.


Grow Leaders from the Get-go: 

Imagine if everyone in your crew could lead like Jesus. We’re talking about spotting those with a spark (potential) and fanning it into a flame (their God-given purpose). It’s mentorship on steroids, turning willing hearts into leaders who can carry the torch.


Map the Discipleship Journey: 

This step is about creating a no-miss roadmap for spiritual growth. Think of it as a spiritual GPS, guiding folks from “I’m new here” to “I’m ready to lead.” Make it clear and simple, and watch your people flourish.


Team Up: 

Lone ranger? No thanks. It’s all about partnerships. Find churches and organizations that understand what you’re trying to do. These alliances can offer a lifeline of support and advice and maybe even lend an ear over coffee when things get hectic.


Stay Agile: 

Be like water, my friends. The way you do church might need to twist and turn depending on who’s walking through your doors. Maybe it’s a coffee shop church, a beach church, or something no one’s even thought of yet. Keep the mission the same, but be ready to adapt the method.


Be Generous with Your Best: 

Here’s the kicker—sometimes, you have to let your MVPs go. Send out your top talent to start new churches. It’s like in sports when a top player moves up through the leagues and starts in games elsewhere. Tough? Yep. Worth it? Absolutely.


What’s Next?

Jumping into church planting that aims to multiply is like strapping in for the ride of your life. It’s thrilling, it’s challenging, and it’s packed with “only God” moments. We’re in this to see lives changed, communities transformed, and the world shaken up in the best way possible.

So, are you in? Let’s dream God-sized dreams, take bold steps of faith, and watch as He works wonders through churches that plant churches. Let the adventure begin!