church planting

One of the critical steps in the church planting journey is developing a strong, committed launch team. Think of your launch team as the backbone of your new church—they will be your biggest supporters, your hands and feet in the community, and your partners in prayer and action.

Here’s how to build a launch team that will help your church plant not just survive but thrive.


1. Share Your Vision with Passion


One of the most important steps is to share your vision with passion. People are drawn to vision. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Share your heart for the community, the need you see, and the impact you believe the church can make. Be clear, passionate, and inspiring. The more vivid and exciting your vision, the more likely you are to attract people who want to join you on this journey.


2. Start with Your Inner Circle


Begin by reaching out to people you already know—family, friends, and colleagues who share your passion for ministry and have a heart for the community. These are the people who are most likely to support you and stick with you through thick and thin. They can also help you reach others by sharing the vision with their own networks.


3. Look for Key Qualities


When building your launch team, look for people with specific qualities:

  • Faithfulness: People who are committed to Jesus and have a strong spiritual foundation.
  • Teachability: Individuals who are open to learning and growing.
  • Servant Hearts: Those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and serve in any capacity.
  • Passion for People: Team members who genuinely care about others and want to reach out to the community.


4. Host Vision Casting Events


Organize events where you can share the vision for the church plant and invite others to join the launch team. These could be informal gatherings, such as dinners or coffee meetups, or more structured meetings. Use these opportunities to connect with potential team members, answer questions, and build excitement.


5. Communicate Clearly and Often


Communication is key. Keep your launch team in the loop with regular updates about progress, challenges, and prayer needs. Use multiple channels—emails, social media, meetings, and phone calls—to ensure everyone feels informed and involved. Clear, consistent communication helps build trust and keeps everyone aligned with the vision.


6. Equip and Empower


Invest in your team by providing training and resources to equip them for ministry. This could include leadership training, workshops on evangelism, or practical skills like setting up for services. Empower your team members to take ownership of different aspects of the church plant, from hospitality to children’s ministry. When people feel equipped and trusted, they are more likely to stay committed and engaged.


7. Pray Together


Prayer is the foundation of any church plant. Make it a priority to pray together as a team regularly. Seek God’s guidance, wisdom, and blessing for every step of the journey. Pray for each other and for the community you’re trying to reach. A praying team is a powerful team.


8. Build a Culture of Community


Foster a sense of community within your launch team. Create opportunities for team members to build relationships, support one another, and have fun together. This could be through small groups, social events, or serving together. A strong, united team will be more effective and resilient.


9. Be Patient and Persistent


Building a launch team takes time and effort. Be patient and persistent. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks or slow progress. Trust that God is at work and will bring the right people to join you in His timing.


10. Celebrate Milestones


Finally, celebrate the milestones along the way. Whether it’s your first team meeting, reaching a fundraising goal, or holding your first service, take time to recognize and celebrate these achievements. Celebrations build momentum, encourage your team, and remind everyone of God’s faithfulness.

Remember, developing a launch team is not just about gathering a group of people—it’s about building a community that shares a common vision and is committed to seeing it become a reality. With a strong, dedicated launch team by your side, you’ll be well on your way to planting a church that makes a lasting impact in your community.

Let’s get started on this adventure together, trusting God for every step of the way.

Happy church planting!