We all have dreams! There is most likely not one of you reading this blog right now that doesn’t have a dream for the future. I know I certainly do. There have only been a few times in my life that I could honestly say that I was living all of my dreams at that point in time. Most of the time I have a dream of things to come, things that I desire to be experiencing in the future. I have a dream that the church becomes the powerhouse that God designed it to be. That place of power that even those who do not even believe in Jesus cannot argue that His power is changing lives. Where every small group of believers is experiencing life changing experiences by the power of Christ. I like what Paul says in Acts 4:14-15 But since they could see the man who had been healed standing right there among them, there was nothing the council could say. NLT. They might not agree nor believe but they cannot deny that God is doing something. We are currently experiencing some of His power but I desire to see so much more!

Sat night I was in Harlem, NYC speaking to a small Network of House Church leaders who are planting house churches on several of the universities there in NYC. They disciple the international students will the goal that by the time they have graduated and are returning to their nation, they would be equipped to lead a house church in their nation. It is a wonderful and exciting vision.

I liked what the apostolic leader said. We are intentional about seeing the vision become a reality. As I sat there in the room, I was introduced to people from other parts of the USA who intentionally moved to NYC to become part of this vision and see it become a reality. It was refreshing sitting there in their living room apart from the noise and activity of the city life around them listening to their hearts and passion to reach internationals. They were intentional about seeing this vision fleshed out.

Back to your dreams. I want to encourage you to be intentional in pursuing your dreams to see them become a reality. Don’t be content with just having a dream, look at the dream and then ask the Holy Spirit what it is that you need to do to see that dream become a reality. And don’t make the mistake of thinking, “it is just my dream” and probably not God’s. When you are following the Lord, your dreams most likely are His dreams as well, because very often, He is the one who gave you the dream in the first place. So, don’t hesitate on trying to determine if the dream is from God, pursue the dream and if it isn’t for you at this point in time, He will let you know.

But be intentional about it. Are there changes and adjustments that you need to make? Is there more training that you need to receive? Are there conscious decisions that you need to make currently to position you to see the dream become reality. For the couples in NYC, almost all of them needed to move physically to be intentional about their dream.

So, go ahead, do something intentional about seeing the vision come to pass. It will be a first step is seeing that which is a dream truly becoming a dream come true.

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