In Thailand, there was a plaster Buda that was considered pretty worthless. It was 10 feet tall but made of plaster and not considered of much value. While they were moving it to a new site in 1957, the harness supporting the statue broke and the Buda fell. Upon inspection of the damage, it was discovered that the Buda was in fact cast in pure gold weighing 5 tons. They estimated it was made in the 13th century and is about 900 years old. Many years ago when the Burmese were going to sack the city, they covered it in plaster to hide its value.

Many of us have been plastered over by hurts, wounds, disappointments, insecurities, mistakes, bad decisions, and expectations placed on us by others. It hides our true value and worth and cause us to not be who we really have been created to be. What do we need to do? Start breaking the plaster off allowing our true value to come forth.

Begin chipping away at the protection mechanisms that we have placed around ourselves. Begin to step out of our comfort zone so to speak. And if we have areas in our lives that continue to be reoccurring, get together with a trusted mentor and seek the Lord for a breakthrough. Why do I feel the way I feel every time this certain thing happens? Why do I feel insecure around this individual? Why do I tell myself that I am of lesser value or importance than someone else? These are all plaster that have been placed around me either knowingly or unknowingly and it hides my true value.

Sometimes expectations that others have of me have placed plaster on my life hindering me from being my true self. Over the years I have had many chunks of plaster broken off my life and I know there is a lot more to chip away. But the reality is that I am chipping at it. When I see, or others tell me they see something that is less than best, I get out the spiritual hammer and chisel.

The plaster really isn’t worth anything. It is merely hiding the true value underneath.

Declaring Our Victory Emanuel