So what are you thinking about? I love to ask Bonnie that question as we are driving along and we have a lull in our conversation.

So what are you thinking about? Where does your mind immediately go to when it shifts into neutral? Fantasy football? The new piece of technology you been hoping to get? That bigger TV? The kids, grandkids, your spouse, the raise, promotion, new job, better lifestyle? What that person said to you yesterday, last month, last year? Your feelings of significance or insignificance, victories or discouragement? Why do things always go wrong for me? Where does your mind go when it is not forced to be engaged in life?

The Bible says, For as a man thinks in his heart so is he. That’s how important it is as to what you think about. Col 3:2-3 says Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3 For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Does your mind automatically gravitate toward the things of earth or heaven. That is not to say that the things of earth are of no importance, of course they are.
So you see the kingdom expanding, thinking of ways the Lord could use you to serve others. Kingdom thoughts that will change the destiny of others. Maybe you are thinking of ways to make a million dollars and think, oh that is so earthly. Not if you are planning to use it for the advancement of the Kingdom. New house? How can it be used to advance the kingdom? I need a house with a decent size room so I can have a small group meeting there. Earthly thought with a Kingdom mindset.

Every wonder how someone can remember all kinds of things but forget their wedding anniversary? You can remember the time your team solidly beat the Cowboys and who made all the touchdowns, but can’t remember where your favorite scripture verse is found. No one reading this has any trouble remembering their address? Of course not, it is where I live. So where do you live? Where does your mind go to when the pressure of live eases up? That is your address. It is where you live.

So, if you don’t like the neighborhood you find yourself living in, it is time to relocate, time to pack up and move, get a new address! Jesus owns a moving company and He would love to relocate you. After all, he moved you out from the power of darkness and moved you into the Kingdom of God. (Col 1:13)

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