Being dissatisfied is the first step toward change. Dissatisfaction with the current causes me to look for something new. The new thing, the new look, the new hairstyle, the new job, the new car, on and on. But dissatisfaction alone will not bring about change. It takes one more step. It takes action.

Some are satisfied with being dissatisfied. They are satisfied with complaining, acknowledging that things should be, could be, better, or different, but the energy and commitment it would take to make the change is too great. So they are content to stay where they are at, acknowledging that there is a better place to be but not worth the effort to get there.

I remember someone commenting to me one time saying, Ron, you are a leader and you are not going to get divorced. For you not to make your marriage the best it can possibly be is just plain stupid. They were right! Why settle for something less than the best that it can possibly be. Why settle to meander in the outer court when I can go right into the throne room of God. Why settle for the crumbs from the table when there is a place set for me at the table.

Bring this to your own personal application. It is fine to be dissatisfied. It is what drives the market for innovation. I am dissatisfied with the old, therefore I want the new. I believe that we are never to be satisfied with where things are at spiritually or relationally. I believe there is more for us as we pursue the Lord. He has so much more for us than anything that we are experiencing now. So, allow your dissatisfaction to lead you to action. It is the agent of change!!

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