Well, Black Friday is now a memory for another year. Some of you may have been part of the clientele who rose up early on Friday morning to go wait in line to be the first ones in the door at your favorite store or mall. It was the anticipation of being able to purchase merchandise at that all time great price that got you out of bed at that hour. It would be great if people were that excited about getting to the next gathering of believers that they would get ready at any hour just to get there on time before the doors open. Showing up 15 minutes early to small group so that they wouldn’t miss anything. 20 minutes early for Sunday morning so that they could be part of everything that is happening. There are some people like that and I am always encouraged to meet them.

It wasn’t long into the morning on Friday before you heard the words or saw the sign that said, “SOLD OUT”, sometimes within minutes of the store opening. It is a term in retail jargon meaning there is nothing left to sell. It is also a term used for whole hearted Christians. And I think the meaning is the same, “there is nothing left to sell”. I have sold my whole being to Jesus Christ. There is nothing else of me that can be bought because He owns it all.

Everything I do, should be seen through the lens and mindset of being totally sold out for Christ. He doesn’t just capture part of my heart and I devote a portion of my life to Him. I am totally sold out to Him and His will for my life. There is nothing left for sale. So the next time the enemy tries buy part of your affections, just put up the sign, “SOLD OUT”. Everything has already been purchased and there is nothing else to sell.

D.O.V. E.