Two weeks ago my aunt died. She was 93 years old and loved Jesus. She had lived a full life and was ready to go home to Jesus. She left a will and testament, that by law needs to be carried out. My dad is an executor of her will, to make sure that the proper lawyers are notified so that her last wishes go into effect. Prior to her passing, the will was powerless. It could not be acted upon. Any of her beneficiaries could have gone to court to have their share of the inheritance released, but the will only goes into effect upon her death. But upon her death, the law of the United States stands to enforce her will and testament to make sure that her wishes and desires are carried out in a prudent and timely manner.

Hebrews talks about this. Heb 9:16-17  Now when someone leaves a will, it is necessary to prove that the person who made it is dead. 17 The will goes into effect only after the person’s death. While the person who made it is still alive, the will cannot be put into effect. NLT

The New Testament or New Covenant went into effect when Jesus died on the cross as He cried out, “It is finished.” Now, the new covenant could be put into action.  (read the rest of Hebrews 9 for more on this) The good news that all the desires that Jesus had for mankind, the deliverance from sin, sickness, and the power of the enemy, while releasing the blessings of God, was now put into action upon the face of the earth. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to fill us and empower us to be witnesses of this new covenant.

One of the exciting things is that while my aunt had to trust the earthly authority to carry out her wishes, God brought Jesus back from the grave and gave him all authority in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18) to enforce His will and testament. He doesn’t need to trust any other authority to do it. He makes sure that all the blessing of God are available to His children through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. There is no power greater than He. Praise God!!! Think of it, Jesus is living to make sure that His will and covenant is continually made available to mankind. We still have to receive it, but He is making sure it is always available. Act on that truth today!!!!

Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel