The story is told of one of the Queens of England who had a personal maid that she loved and cared deeply about because of her commitment and devotion to her while she was the Queen. Upon the Queen’s death the maid went to live by herself in a small apartment and for the rest of her life scraped together barely enough to live. The Queen had presented her with a beautiful piece of paper that the maid loved. The former maid put the piece of paper in a frame and hung it on her wall as a constant reminder of the friendship that she had enjoyed with the Queen.

Upon the death of the former maid, as the authorities were cleaning the room, they found this paper hanging on the wall. The paper was in fact a will from the Queen guaranteeing that for the rest of the maids life, she would live in the lap of luxury as a reward for her undying service to the Queen. But the will was never acted upon because the maid couldn’t read. She was unaware of her wonderful inheritance.

Sometimes we forget some of the wonderful inheritance that the Lord Jesus has made available to us. We worry and fear, forgetting we hold the document that guarantees the provision that Jesus enacted when He went to the cross. The New Covenant that became ours through Christ death and resurrection. As you read the promises of God, remember they are yes and amen to you as His child. 2 Cor 1:20  Don’t be like the maid who, because she was unaware, never claimed what was rightly hers. Claim and walk in all that is yours in Christ.