What a difference a weekend can make.! Friday for the disciples had to be the worst day of their lives. Their Lord, master, friend, miracle worker, the one who had always pulled them through, always had a solution, whether it was food they needed, a ferocious wind that needed to just settle down a bit, a demonized man, or a dead child, Jesus had always had a solution, a way through, a answer.  And now, He was  gone, dead, in the tomb. All hope in the natural was lost. Their hearts must have weighed a ton, emotionally they had to be crushed, physically exhausted, spiritually in doubt, full of fear, and confused. Everything they had trusted in, put their money on, was gone!

And then Sunday came! What a difference a weekend can make! Suddenly all the things that transpired the past few days began to make sense. Prophetic words that were spoken years ago suddenly became clear. Words spoken that seemed so confusing in the past that pointed to sometime in the future now lined up. He was alive and things would be different.

There are many things that we could write here concerning this most powerful and the most important day in history but I want to draw your attention briefly to just one this morning. God never takes something from us unless He has something better for us! Heb 7:22 says;  Because of this oath, Jesus is the one who guarantees this better covenant with God. NLT and again in Heb 8:6-7 But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises.

So, think in terms of all the took place in the Old Testament, up to and including Jesus and the disciples. Everything pre-resurrection. It was all old covenant with unsaved people. Now when  Jesus cried out “It is finished” and rose from the grave, the new and better covenant was put in place. If God of the Old Testament performed all the miracles He did, defended His people the way He did, healed, provided for, and cared for them, and even manifested Himself to them in the form of a cloud and pillar of fire. If He did all of that under the old covenant, think of what He desires to  do under a new and better covenant!! (Stop and think about that for a moment!!)

When I consider all that God did under the old, I think my level of expectation sometimes falls way short of all that He desires to do in and through me under the new. Go ahead, raise your level of expectation this morning. You are functioning under a new and better covenant. Expect great things.. You will not be disappointed.