How are you being transformed by the power of God?  Are there still areas in your life that you need to allow Him to put His finger on to deliver you? We serve a powerful God, mighty to save, the scriptures say. Is there anything too hard for God? Not for anyone who is totally surrendered to Him.

I am reminded of the 10 plagues that Pharaoh, King of Egypt, brought on himself because of his refusal to allow the children of Israel to leave. He could have ended his pain early, just by submitting to the Lord and releasing the people, but he chose to be stubborn and refused to obey the voice of the Lord spoken through Moses.

The second plague was the plague of frogs. UGH!! Frogs everywhere. In the cupboards, on the sofa, in the sofa, under the sofa, in the bed, under the bed, between the sheets, in your shoes, in the bread drawer, in the chest of drawers, in the utensils, anywhere one could possibly be there was one to be found. They were everywhere. So, when Pharaoh had finally had enough of these creatures, he sent for Moses and repents for his hard heartedness and tells Moses, OK, you can go, but entreat the Lord to take away all of these frogs. Moses asks, when do you want them to leave. Pharaoh thinks a little bit and then replies, and this is shocking to me, how about tomorrow. Tomorrow??? Why not immediately, before you leave my presence, right now would be nice. That would be my response. Why would you want another night with the frogs?

In all of the ugliness of this plague, Pharaoh wasn’t ready to give them up just yet. Do you have anything in your life that you are hanging on to for one more night. Just one more binge, one more grudge, one more time, one more …………… You fill in the blank. The bottom line is that Jesus wants to set you free and He wanted to do it yesterday but is more than willing to do it today. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow. Don’t spend another night enslaved. Get rid of the nasty creature today. Jesus can do it and He wants to do it now. He is waiting for you to make the decision!