All vision starts with a dream formed from within you. Everything we see in the natural began first in the spiritual. Someone had a dream, took steps to see it realized, and it took shape and something was created. The computer I am typing on started in someone’s mind before it became reality. What are some oppositions to those dreams, thoughts, ideas?

• Will I succeed?
• Will it really work?
• Will I look like a fool to others?
• Is this just me or is it really the Lord telling me to do this?
• No one else is doing it so why do I think that I can do it?
• There is safety in the “pack philosophy”. Everyone else (the pack) is doing it so it must be the right thing. No need to embarrass myself but trying something different .
• There are not enough resources.
• There isn’t enough time.
• I am not capable.
• I am not qualified.

The interesting thing is that all of these thoughts are based on failure, not one on your being a success. Jesus talks so much about making you a success (Rev 12:11), giving you a future and a hope (Jer 29:11), being the head and not the tail (Deut 28:13), calling you more than a conqueror (Rom 8:37).

I read an article last night about the guy who invented the bagless vacuum sweeper. He made thousands of prototypes (he called them failures) until he got it right. Then he tried to sell it to all the main vacuum companies. No one wanted it because they said no one would buy it. Finally he reached the place where he didn’t care what anyone said and produced it himself. Today he is a billionaire. The vision started in his mind with the belief that it was possible and he acted on that belief.

What idea are you carrying around in your spirit that needs to be acted on? Go ahead, think about it succeeding vs. failing and take some steps to bring it into reality. You’ll be glad that you finally brought it out of your mind and into your hands. It may be the best thing you ever produced.