A tribute to a tribute. As all of you are aware, Larry’s dad went to be with Jesus on Father’s day. His dad was amazing man who was very instrumental in Larry being the leader and man of God that he is today. Larry wrote a wonderful tribute to him on Monday. Here is part of what he wrote.
…..He loved our Lord Jesus Christ and he loved his church. He loved to have fun, whether by playing his fiddle or telling jokes or playing checkers. My father just loved life. He encouraged me again and again to follow my dreams, and he never criticized me when my new ideas did not work out as expected. I was encouraged to try again. More than 20 years ago my father encouraged me to write my first book, before I had ever even thought of this possibility……
…..He encouraged me as I followed the call from God to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in the nations….. I am eternally grateful….
To read the complete tribute go here.

Here is the point for you to consider today. Who will write a tribute to you when your days here on earth are completed and what will they write? The attention you give to those around you determine that. Your actions will be the pen that writes your tribute. Be a spiritual parent to someone and invest in their future. You’ll be glad you did and history may be different because of your investment.