Being a leader, I often think of leadership and how important it is in the Kingdom. There will always be leaders and while we can never guarantee that every leader will be a great leader, we can make every attempt on our part, with the Lord’s help, to be the best leader that we can possibly be. Here are some thoughts that come to mind, in no specific order, when I think of Godly leadership. 

  • Jesus is by nature a servant and He looks for those with a servants heart.
  • If you want to be great, be a servant.
  •  If you want to rise up to a position of leadership, step down and serve.
  • Leadership is not the prize for serving, leadership is serving.
  • Leaders serve people by making decisions that serve people.
  • If you fail to make decisions, anarchy reins.
  • Leaders have authority over people. Inspirational leaders cause others to follow.
  • A great leader knows how to build team.
  • A great leader is more concerned about the right thing being done than who will get the credit.
  • To a leader, problems are not hindrances, they are opportunities.
  • A great leader looks for people who are solution oriented vs. problem oriented.
  • Great leaders are vision driven, which causes them to make decisions based upon what is best to see the vision fulfilled.
  • Great leaders are not driven by the vision, which causes them to make unhealthy sacrifices of health and family to see a vision fulfilled.
  • A great leader seeks to bring out the greatness is those around them.
  • Great leaders are not threatened by others accomplishments but celebrate their achievements with them.
  • A great leader is consistently and constantly looking to grow in their own ability to lead.
  • A great leader is aware of their strengths and leads from the position thereof.
  • A great leader is well aware of their weakness and does not try and hide them, but enlist the help of others to compensate for them.
  • Great leaders desire other leaders to speak into their lives.
  • Great leaders listen to their critics as sometimes they say things their friends won’t tell them.
  • Integrity in all things and in all things integrity.
  • A great leader is a person of their word and their pledge is as good as done. 

As you serve in the position of leadership that the Lord has placed you in, may you not be content to be a mediocre leader when you have the potential to be a great one.