Thomas Jefferson said that we often miss opportunities because they are dressed in overalls and look like work. Reinhard Bonnke writes, “We too often excel at being ordinary. God chose us for the honor of being extraordinary.” 

What are your aspirations today? Whatever they are, I encourage you to think larger. But as in any building project, the larger you go, the deeper you need the foundation. The same is true in the Kingdom. To think larger, you must go deeper. 

A leader and I were discussing their vision and desire to see the Kingdom advance. As we were discussing the “how can we see this become a reality”  I asked this question, “What is the quality of your prayer life?” As they responded it suddenly became clear to them that for them to accomplish what they desired to accomplish, their time with the Lord was inadequate. The foundation wasn’t deep enough. They made a commitment right then and there to change that. And we have been walking in accountability to see it bring lasting change in their life. 

As you look to the future, don’t short change yourself by choosing the easiest path. The one the Lord has for you probably will be full of hard work that will test your patience and resolve. Don’t settle for second best by choosing an easier path. Go for the opportunity presented by the Lord. It will test and try your faith, but in the end, you feel a lot more exuberant about what you have accomplished thru the Lord’s help. After all, you have been created for the extraordinary.