Building for the future means looking at where we are going and where we want to be vs. making decisions that are safe, secure, and in effect, keeping us where we are currently at. Society is constantly changing around us and while our message never changes, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no man gets to the Father, except through Him, our methodology of sharing / declaring that message must adjust to be current to what is taking place in our ever changing culture. Many people are not committed to meetings anymore.  Their commitment is more readily based upon their feelings of the moment leading to the decision on whether to be part of any given activity or not. Given that reality, we need to look at what, if any, changes need to be made to our strategies of reaching and engaging them. 

Being great in the Kingdom while advancing the cause of Christ requires us to be willing to take risks, try new strategies, step outside the box, learn something that challenges us, be misunderstood by others, and push the status quo beyond its existing state.  I am not aware of too many visionary people that were content to living within status quo. Great minds of forward thinkers usually do not think in terms of what is being done currently, their focus is more on the opportunities and possibilities that very well could become reality if pursued. 

Given that reality, as in anything that is a new idea, thought, or venture, a possibility of failure must be factored in. I am not one to just try a whole bunch of new things just to see if something works as I believe that such a mindset, largely increases our chances of failure. However, I do believe that as we spend time hearing from the Lord, our possibly of failure decreases marginally. But the risk still remains and must be allowed for if we are to try new things. 

Peter stepping out of the boat was a new venture and in some minds a complete failure. I don’t think Jesus thought Peter failed at all. He was responding to Jesus who said, “Come!” , and he immediately stepped over the edge of the boat. After all, he walk on water a whole lot longer than any of his contemporaries still sitting in the boat watching him take a risk. 

The Holy Spirit is desiring to expand the Kingdom of the Lord more than anyone of us and I venture to guess that He has some new ideas for us to try. Don’t let the fact that there is the potential of failure involved. It is a given! Respond to His command and take a walk. 

Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel