Mistakes and failures are time sensitive. Your failure only last as long as you allow it to be a failure. Once you make the decision to learn from the mistake, it becomes a learning experience and is no longer a failure but something you can build the future on.  Some of the best and most impacting  things I have learned have come from my mistakes and failures. I compiled a list of 30 and I won’t bore you with all of them here, you’ll have to make your own mistakes to learn them. Just kidding. Seriously here are 15 of them and I’ll give the other 15 next time. They are in no specific order, just as the Holy Spirit brought them to my remembrance. 

I have learned; 

  • To drive slower on a motorcycle! Steel is tougher than bone.
  • There are three sides to everything, yours, mine, and the truth.
  • A crisis is often not a crisis, and sometimes I just need to give the Lord some time to work.
  • In any crisis, all I need to do is look to Holy Spirit for the answers. He has the next steps.
  • It is far better to learn to respond to the Holy Spirit than react to the situation.
  • I need to follow through with my commitments. Being a man of my word builds trust.
  • Leadership is as much about building trust as anything else.
  • Disciplines are keys to success; if I am always running late I am telling others they are not important.
  • In leadership, others are more important than myself.
  • Character and integrity are more valuable long term than anointing.
  • It is improper to ask others to do something that I am unwilling to do myself. What I sow, I reap.
  • I set the standard. What I do in moderation gives others to right to do in excess.
  • Leadership is not the prize that I get for serving. Leadership is serving.
  • Complaining is a useless exercise. It has a negative impact on my emotions and sucks life out of others and myself.  
  • My bad days are 24 hrs long just like my good ones and sometimes, I just need to get to bed.