I walked into a big box store last Wed night at 9PM, the day before Thanksgiving, and saw 5 individuals setting up a tent on the sidewalk at the main entrance. These were not “occupiers” that have been setting up tents in various cities throughout the nation, these were techno bargain hunters setting up shop, planning to spend all of Thanksgiving day on the sidewalk (27 hours) so that they could be first in the door, come midnight, the following evening for the “big deal” that the store was offering for Black Friday, whatever it was. Because once that item is sold out, there are no more available at that price. 

I thought to myself, wow, people are really willing to suffer for a good deal, especially a limited one.  Maybe if there were only a certain number of salvations available, people would take more seriously their eternal destiny. I think some motorcycle companies used to use scarcity as a marketing plan, keeping the supply low so that people, anxious to get that new bike, would put money down knowing they couldn’t afford it, but wanted to get in line, hoping that when it finally arrived, they would be able to swing the payments. 

I am not for a minute saying that there should be limitations on who can be saved, as we know the Father’s dream is that none should perish. I am just perplexed that we, as children of God, having the best deal around (there is no comparison) are sometimes less than excited about what He has done for us and made available for all of mankind. We have the deal of all deals. Trade in your sorrows, failures, pain, sickness, and disease for an abundant life filled with love, joy, success and everlasting life. Try and get that anywhere else. 

What I am saying is that if people are willing to forge the cold, rain, 27 hrs on concrete, and no bathroom facilities,  certainly I should be able to camp out in the presence of the Lord in my warm living room for a few hours,  or get up early to spend time with Him, or maybe stay up late, if needed, to press through that thing I keep struggling with. If others are willing to do it for a TV, that could be dropped and crashed to pieces in 2 seconds, certainly I should be willing to do it for something that will benefit me for eternity. Just a thought!