Do’s and Don’ts 

We have been taught as little kids what we are not supposed to do. Don’t talk back, don’t get into trouble, don’t disobey. Sometimes that carries right over into the Kingdom. When someone makes Jesus lord of their lives it is easy to begin to tell them all the things they shouldn’t do now that they are Christians. 

Listen to most people’s testimony, and if they had a background that marred, they will spend 10 minutes telling you how bad they were and then 1 min telling you that Jesus changed them. But not much time is spent then on all the potential that they now have. All the things they can do now that they are filled with the power of God. 

What if we spent more of our time focusing on what is available to us, the things that we are capable of doing, if fear didn’t hold us back. The potential that lies within each of us if we were willing to confront the fears and take some risks. 

Mary had it figured out. When they ran out of wine at the wedding reception she gave the servants the key that would be the answer to their predicament. The key is in  John 2:5 But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” Therein lies the key to your success as well. Whatever He says to you, do it. Yes, there are times that we need to focus on the things we shouldn’t be doing, but if were truly in tune and focusing on the things He is telling us to do, we wouldn’t be doing too much of the things we shouldn’t be doing. 

Where is your focus?