Building trusts is one of the major building blocks in any society. It’s a key ingredient in all we do and the way we live, both in the natural world, and the spiritual one. It takes a while to build trust in something. Whether it’s a new product, a new acquaintance, a new way of doing things,  new software,  or even a new revelation about how God functions. Every day we trust;

  • The sun is going to come up.
  • My alarm will go off at the prescribed time.
  • The electricity will be on.
  • The water will be hot.
  • The Lord will hear and respond to my prayer.
  • My car will start.
  • The plane will fly.
  • Etc, etc, etc, 

Trust is built through a series of events and responses that causes us then, to expect a certain response. i.e. the alarm always goes off when I set it, my laptop always starts up, email comes and goes as directed. But miss a flight because your alarm failed to go off at 3AM so you could make it to the airport? You will never trust that alarm clock again, at least not when it is important or strategic, you won’t. Send an email pertaining to an important event only to find out later that 1/3 of the people on the list didn’t get it, and your trust immediately drops in your email provider. 

Why am I saying all of this. Trust is built through a series of events that make us feel secure that we will get the response expected. We trust that ……. It only takes one fluke to cause our trust to be broken, it is that fragile. There are people all around you that are trusting you today. You spouse, you employer, God, friends, clients, business associates, the people who attend every Sunday morning, for those who are church leaders, and many others. 

The Bible says in Ps 15:4b that the Lord honors  the faithful followers of the Lord who keep their promises, even when it hurts. While trust takes time to build, it can easily be destroyed in much quicker fashion. Be trustworthy today, and every day. The payback is worth it! 

Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel!