You have been created for greatness, why settle for mediocrity? 

Striving for the middle of anything is usually safe and most people like the feeling of safety. We learn at a young age that those in the middle of the group almost never get picked on. Playing dodge ball; sticking to the center is the strategy for survival, at least until the crowd thins out. Don’t want to get called on in gym class, move to the center of the crowd. Being part of the crowd is safe, if the crowd is big enough, because no one stands out. What motivates you to be part of the crowd? Usually fear. Fear that you will stand out, fear that you might be wrong, fear that you might make a mistake, or fear that you will be apart from the crowd.  But you have been created as an individual, to stand out, to create something, to make a difference and go against the crowd if the crowd is going the wrong way. You have been called upon to lead! 

To do that takes motivation, courage, and determination. You have to face the fears that keep you in the center of what everyone else is doing. Yes, you have been created for greatness, but you probably will not achieve it in the center of the crowd. Following His voice often takes us to the edge of what is happening because the edge is often where He is releasing the next new thing. And when you are part of releasing something new, you get to lead the crowd vs. just be part of it. Follow Him and He will lead you to greatness. It is much more rewarding than mediocrity.