There is never a shortage of individuals willing to critique your work. Some would even think it is their God given gift. Why did you; I thought it could have been better; what were you thinking when; or I wouldn’t do that again; are phrases that always come along with the critique. And not that critiquing is wrong. It is relatively easy though, to criticize the current plan, expounding on why it isn’t working, where it’s weak areas are, and where it is failing to produce desired results. 

Much more difficult is developing the new plan, launching out with a new idea, developing the new vision or concept that will institute change.  Largely it is because it opens us up to a whole new set of criticisms and critiques. And it is hard not to take that personal. But when something isn’t working, don’t take the easy path of repeating the same mistakes, doing the same thing again and again, hoping for different results. Take a risk and develop the new plan, idea, concept, strategy, or venture to achieve the desired goal. 

As visionaries, we are to be the ones strategically thinking, developing, and putting out the goods. Listen to those who offer all the critiques, they are important, but pay more attention to the ones who have gone the second step and give an idea on how to make things better. But even more importantly, invest in those who are willing to do the work alongside you to bring about the changes and take some heat for it. They are your builders and will add value and worth to the team. Embrace them and give them responsibility and as they prove themselves trustworthy, give them authority as well. You will grow and expand to the proportion that you can release to others who are building with you. Look for those who will build with you as they are valuable, those who just want to critique, not so much. 

Expanding the Kingdom by Declaring Our Victory Emanuel,