Just show up! I was reading something some time ago that was talking about fame and how many people are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They are hoping for that one big thing that will propel them into stardom for all to see how wonderful they really are. 

Sometimes we approach God like that, seeking that one big encounter, event, manifestation or experience that will put us on the map, give us the exposure and affirmation we need and so desperately long for. Don’t get me wrong, experiences, encounters, and manifestations are wonderful additions to life, but we cannot live just for them. Far better to be faithful for the long term. When I was in business, one of the best attributes that I was looking for in my employees was for them to “just show up.” It was their faithfulness to their job that kept my attention on them and their willingness to do their best. If they were faithful to just show up, over time, my trust in them as an employee grew and I was able to give them greater and weightier responsibilities and empower them with greater things. 

The Kingdom is pretty much the same. “Just show up” on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do. In other words, faithfulness is rewarded in small ways and in small increments. Just showing up, being faithful in your times of communing with the Lord, caring for His people, reading the Word, and being available to Him, will pretty much set the stage for something powerful to take place. Don’t worry about whether it is today, tomorrow, or next year. Be faithful today by “Just Showing Up” in life around you. Be there, ready and available, as He provides the opportunities. Because when you show up looking expectantly for Him, when you least expect it, He just may show up and provide you the experience of a lifetime.