So I’m watching a football game and the Lord speaks to me. We have that kind of relationship where He can speak to me anytime and in the middle of anything, and I try and pay attention. I don’t have to be deep in prayer or in a worship service or focusing on Him,  for Him to speak. He can speak to me anytime He wants, in a way, kind of like Bonnie. I can be deep in thought about something or up to  my elbows in grease, and she can say something and my ear needs to be attentive to her voice. When I miss her voice or worse yet, ignore it, I am devaluing her. I have learned to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit. It enhances my relationship with Him. 

So, I am watching FB, and the play begins to unfold in front of me. Handoff to the tail back and he is running full tilt toward a wall of 300 plus lb giants determined to keep him from going anywhere. And I am thinking, what a waste of a play, what were you thinking? When out of the corner of the screen someone takes out one of the lineman and where there was once a wall on impenetrable flesh and fabric, is now a hole. And the tailback runs right through that hole without contacting anyone and runs down the field. Holy Spirit immediately speaks to me and says, “That’s me, I create the hole, you run through it!” WOW!! 

He creates the hole! I run through it! What an encouraging word for me at that moment! The Lord knows I need some holes in my life. A hole would look really good right now in the one play I am executing.  What challenge are you facing this week that seems impossible, what wall impenetrable?  What are you trying to accomplish that seems to be going nowhere? What has your opponent blocked, held back, stiff armed, or just plain resisted with enough force to make you feel powerless? Jesus is ready to make a way for you. Look for the hole or opportunity that He creates. He normally doesn’t run the ball, that’s my job, He just opens things up and makes the way possible and leaves the running up to me. He is the best lineman on my team! When He does His job and makes a hole, make sure you do your job and Run! 

In the game to the end!