What did you get for Christmas? This has been a familiar question that has gone through the ranks the past two weeks since we celebrated this world holiday. Since we know from scripture that it is better to give than to receive, I changed up the question this year from, “What did you get for Christmas?” to “What was the most exciting thing you gave for Christmas this year?” Once the bewilderment wears off from the shock of switching the mindset that is so evident around the Holidays and I explain what I am asking, it is usually followed by some thoughtful contemplation.

“Telling my wife she could get that second pair of shoes for our daughter she spied on the shoe rack.”, was the reply from someone who is on a tight budget. “Her excitement was so much fun.” “Our little girl is ecstatic with anything we give so it was just exciting to see her light up with every little gift”, was another response. “The look on the woman’s face, who was recently divorced and struggling financially, when we took her out to Ruby Tuesday’s for a meal and then said we are also going grocery shopping for you”, said another. Each remembrance brought a smile to the story teller’s face.

So what about you? What was the best gift you gave this past year? Think about it and cherish the moment so that when you are thinking about giving again throughout 2013, you remember the joy you received when you gave in 2012. It could make the difference in you exercising generosity or dismissing the thought and going on with life. Remember, giving is theme central to the Gospel, For God so loved the world, He gave. How much do you love that you are willing to give?