Is there anything left over? Gather it all up so that nothing is wasted. That was the question and command Jesus gave the disciples in John 6 after He fed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two small fish. Was it really the stewardship of food that Jesus was concerned about. Eat everything on your plate and don’t throw anything away, is the mantra I grew up with. There are starving people in ………. that would love to eat your food. One evening I was trying to get our then two old son, to finish his mashed potatoes when he shoved his plate toward me saying, “Give em to the poor.” I had made my impact on him even at his young age even though I had no recollection of ever saying anything like that to him. It was hilarious!

Jesus wasn’t concerned so much about food being thrown away. I think He felt it was extremely important for the disciples to see that in their vast need, Jesus didn’t provide just enough to get them through the crisis. He provided what was needed to get the job down, but with excess. I want to speak that concept over you today, more than you need!!! You will have left over. Not just finances which is often the way we look at it, but in anything you are in need of today.

Patience, more than you need to handle the situation…. Grace, more than you need to cover…. Strength, more than enough…. Wisdom, more than is necessary…. Finances, more than are required…. On and on. Because that is the God we serve, the God of more than we have need of, than we can use at the moment. Jesus kept multiplying, kept providing fish and bread until they were all filled. And when they couldn’t eat any more, at that point and only at that point did He say, now gather all that is left over.

May you experience that increase today and may you take the time to look at what has been provided beyond what you need. He is a God of abundance.