My son preached yesterday at the celebration I attended. He spoke on perseverance and the need to stay in the fight. It was a great message and encouragement to me to see him proclaiming the Word of the Lord for “The Fireplace”, which is the church we attend when I am not on the road. Great job Mark!

I came across a quote this week the really speaks to perseverance. It went something like this, When you look at a mighty oak tree, consider that it is really just a nut that continued to hold its ground over time. How about you, are you holding your ground in areas you need to be? We live in a society that thinks everything needs to go our way and life should be easy. Perseverance is for sports, but the rest of us should not have it difficult, challenging, or encountering resistance. If we are encountering either of these aforementioned scenarios, we think we must be doing something wrong or God must not want us to be going in the direction we are presently headed. Logical option, change course.

But the Bible is full of examples of people who encountered all kinds of resistance. My experience is that those who accomplish the greatest things encounter the greatest resistance. As they press through the resistance, they are able to achieve that which they set out to do. Life isn’t easy. Jesus called us overcomers but to be overcomers we need to be overcoming something. And that my friend, in today’s society, takes a nut that is willing to hold its ground!