Back on track. It has been a number of weeks since I have sent you a “Monday Morning” email and I apologize for that. There are a number of reasons for that, but no real excuses except I just didn’t seem to get it done. I also do not just write for the sake of writing and if the Holy Spirit hasn’t really given me anything, I really don’t want to fill your inbox with just chatter. I want to deliver something of substance that the Spirit has given me.

I think my last Monday Morning was right before I left for Kenya. I can honestly say it was a very fulfilling and rewarding trip in that I had the distinct privilege of ministering in four different regions in Kenya; Nairobi, Ukambani, Katalie, and lastly Kisumu. Four different regions and four different apostolic leaders but one purpose, to train and equip leaders with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful time with our African brothers and sisters imparting and ministering to them.

Your brothers and sisters in Kenya are alive and well and expanding the Kingdom of God in each of their regions. I am so proud of them as they face many challenges and difficulties that we here in the western world many times do not face. But they are full of faith and courage teaching and training their people that the Lord Jesus is their ultimate source. Would you take a moment and ask the Lord to bless your family on Kenya? They pray for you faithfully and are committed to Living the Kingdom and transforming their world. They would be honored for you to stand with them in prayer to see it accomplished.