I read this quote the other morning and it struck a chord in me, “It’s not who you think you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.” –Denis Waitley. How true is that? One of the things I often encounter is people who think they are not qualified to……..

I am not capable; gifted; smart; brave; savvy; and the list goes on……….. I’m just not “that person” that could make “that happen”. And with that line of reasoning, they disqualify themselves in even attempting the idea. I believe that we all need to know our limitations, as we all have them, but many times in knowing our limitations we transfer them over into limiting the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. And when we limit the Holy Spirit, we are then relying on self alone, and that is really limiting. I personally am so dependent on the Holy Spirit’s assistance in my life that I could never do what I do without Him.

As you walk through this week, know who you are, but don’t allow who you think you are not, to hold you back. Ask for His guidance and assistance and take a risk. You might be surprised at the outcome.