Almost everything that is started is started with a purpose, a reason to bring it into existence which in turn drives a passion and makes way for a vision, which leads to a launch and a culture of doing things that need to be done. This is case of everything from my marriage to the planting of the church and a host of other things in between. My experience has been that it is easy to slip away from the original intent, purpose, and passion that caused me to launch in the first place. The buzz word that is used to describe this purpose that fuels passion is “The WHY” something was created.

I have found that the longer something is in existence, the challenge is to stay connected to the “WHY”, the reason, the thing was birthed. I get so caught up in the upkeep of the vision that I have lost touch with the purpose and reason of the vision which fueled the passion to fulfill the vision. When I lose the “WHY” I lose touch with the purpose and then I begin to lose the passion that I once had.

When I lose the purpose of the vision, I begin to play for the name on the back of the jersey instead of the name on the front. My own needs trump what I used to do out of passion and desire. I have seen couples who have lost sight of the “WHY” of their marriage and when they have lost the focus on their purpose, they begin playing for themselves vs. their marriage. Leaders of churches can easily fall into this trap as well. Suddenly the things that they have been doing for years begin to be a drudgery. It is because they have lost their purpose, reason, and value for them. They have become disconnected from the “WHY”.

At times Bonnie and I can become so busy with stuff that we become disconnected from each other and we need take time to re-connect. Maybe you are experiencing that in a certain area of your life. Obviously things change over time and some things that you used to do as a leader no longer work. But when you lose your purpose, you lose your passion and the “work” becomes “real work” and takes on the form of upkeep. It is time to reconnect with the “WHY” of what you are doing. Whether it is your relationship with your spouse, the church you lead, or another vision you champion, if your focus has shifted from the “WHY” to the “what”, it is time to reconnect.

When I understand my “WHY” I am fuelled with passion and begin to once again play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back. And as we have found out numerous times, the ones who play for the name on the back very rarely win.