Many mornings throughout the week I pray Ps 91 over myself and family. Verse 11 says, “For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.” It is so reassuring to know that the Lord is watching over us. The other week I was riding my cycle back to the office from an appointment and stopped at a mini market to get something to drink. It was located in a new housing development where there is a “trip light” traffic signal, because there isn’t much traffic coming out of the development to the main drag. If you ride motorcycle, you know that there is not enough steel in your bike to trip the light so you either have to do a right turn on red or wait patiently for a car to come behind you and trip the light. You could wait until no traffic is coming and go through a red light but with traffic cameras at many intersections, I don’t recommend that.

So I am sitting there waiting for a car to come up behind and trip the light, finally here comes one. Light turns green and I let my clutch out and stall my bike!! Hugh, I never stall my bike!! That is a cardinal sin among bikers, which in effect sends you back to the first grade, no questions asked. “Can’t believe you stalled your bike dude!” Not to mention the embarrassment due to the driver waiting behind me. I quickly hit the starter and nothing, shifted it into neutral, hit the starter and it roared to life. (I have loud pipes so I can definitely hear when it starts!) This whole scenario has taken me probably about 5 seconds. As I let out the clutch again and begin to move forward an SUV comes sailing through the red light at 40-45 mph. Never slowing down, not looking in either direction, just sailing right through. Had I not stalled my bike, or someone shut it off, I would have been right in the middle of that intersection with an SUV barreling down to T-bone me. Those kind of accidents have horrible results.

I was giving my guarding angels “Nucks” all around me thanking them profusely for shutting my bike off, keeping me out of the intersection long enough for that SUV to sail through. I try and live life as safely as I can but it is always comforting to know that His angels are also working on my behalf. May you day be safe and may His angels watch over you wherever you go.