Make a decision today that your past does not define, dictate, nor limit your future. I find many people who are stuck in a rut that they can’t get out of partly because their belief structure is set in a concrete mindset believing that nothing will change. They have adopted a Buddhist type understanding that this is “my Karma” and I am stuck with it. While many would never actually say that, their thought patterns give evidence to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most exciting things about working with people who are in tune and open to the Spirit of the Lord is that they are always changing, always growing, always becoming more like Christ. They haven’t reach a destination or an outcome but are on a journey. Unless we have know them for all of their life, we are just people who intersect with them for a period of time along their journey and by our input we get to have the privilege of pouring into them for the time that they walk with us. Our challenge is to make sure that we do not cast them in the same concrete thinking in our own minds, keeping them forever stuck in perpetual sameness that we found them in when we met them. But to look for, expect, and affirm positive changes and growth that we see in their lives. Because they are changing, the best thing we can do to help them grow is to acknowledge the changes we see.

I know I am a radically different person from the one I used to be and I am even different from the person I was last Friday as I was impacted again this weekend. Don’t precast people in concrete looking at them through the lens of the past and by all means don’t allow where you are at currently to limit your future. Greatness is not a destination, it is a process of growing, changing, and becoming. While Jesus is the same yesterday and forever, we should be constantly changing. Thanks to each of you for not limiting me by looking at me through the lens of my past.