I was part of a wonderful celebration yesterday, my Dad’s 90th birthday party. It is hard to believe that he is 90 years old. We praise the Lord that he is experiencing very good health and still works in his wood shop often, creating tables, stools, benches, and the like, most often to just give as gifts to people or donate to auctions with worthy causes. Each of the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have a piece of furniture hand crafted by Grandpa.

But the real blessing was working the crowd yesterday listening to everyone share how much his life has meant to each of them. Of course there were some people his age, one man left me know that he is even older than Dad, but there were also many who were much younger than he was, who just wanted to come and show their appreciation to him for the impact that he has had on their lives. Everyone I spoke to was commenting to me on how much he has meant to them and how they have enjoyed working with him on various projects in the past.

Earlier in the week he received a letter from a young man in a distant city whose mother was invited to the party and told him about it. He had grown up under Dad’s leadership and wanted to write a letter letting him know how much his leadership in the church, when this man was just a boy, had impacted him. He wrote that he has tried to model his leadership in life from the things that he observed Dad doing while he was leading many years ago.

Once again it reminded me of the importance of proper Godly leadership and the legacy that we create and leave as we live life together. The ability that we have to impact lives is much greater than any of us can imagine. I remind you that there are many who are watching and observing how you are living life and may very well be forming their own strategies from what they are seeing. May we all live our lives in such a way that the legacy we leave behind will give evidence to the King that lives within. Congratulations Hershey on a life well lived and a legacy still being carried on.