The last two Sunday mornings I have been to celebrations where children have had a vital part in what was taking place. Last week, at The Fireplace in PA, Heather, the children’s ministry coordinator, was sharing the vision of the children’s ministry at the Fireplace.  She had the children do a drama and then she shared how the children are involved in the instruction of their peers. She came up with the idea to give opportunity once a month to those who desired to teach her class. The response was amazing. Everyone wanted to take a turn at teaching! Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders are teaching their classmates the word of God. She said everyone took it very seriously and every time one of them taught, they included all of the elements that she normally uses and they all took at least 30 min to fully teach the lesson. I think that is amazing. She then had them lead the congregation in worship. All the children were engaged 100% in praise and worship.

Then this past weekend I was at Calvary Church in MA. For part of the worship time they turned it over to the younger ones. The singers were in my estimation, in the 11 – 14 years of age range. The drummer was six years old! He had to look out between the drum kit as he was too little to look over it. He did an amazing job and the singers were outstanding, not only in their voice quality but most importantly, their heart to worship that came through loud and clear. They were all in 100%.

I was reminded of the verse in Matt where Jesus was making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the children were singing and praising Him and some of the leaders were indignant over what was taking place and they  complained to Jesus,  Matt 21:16 and said to Him, “Do You hear what these are saying?” And Jesus said to them, “Yes. Have you never read,  ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants  You have perfected praise’?”  

I am ready to give the children more opportunity to take part as I think there are some things that they can teach us older folks. Let’s not hold them back but release the gifts the Lord has given them.