God has called you to be a leader and if a leader, I believe He has called you to be a great leader. We live in a society that unfortunately tries to place the blame of failure on anything else than personal responsibility. You have heard me say many times that what you do not take responsibility for, you are powerless to change. As long as it is someone else’s fault, you are held hostage to the situation. You cannot takes steps to bring about the change you need to be a success. It is only when you own the outcomes that you can take the initiatives to bring about the desired results.

Mark Miller introduced me to a new word in his blog about a month ago. It is the Latin word “Quantuvis”  and it means “as great as you choose”. You are in charge of your future, what you will accomplish, how you spend your free time, what you read, what you will give yourself to, and what you learn. No one is hindering you from making changes in your life. Every decision you make will have an impact on your future and the leader that God has called you to be. It is your choice to watch TV or read a book. It is your choice to engage with others who have more wisdom and abilities than you do, so as to learn from their experiences.

As great as you chose…. When you understand that you are in the driver’s seat, it is harder to place blame on someone else if things aren’t working out according to the way you would like them to. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom as you choose, and while you are choosing, why not choose great?