Quantuvis, as great as you choose. As I mentioned last week, Mark Miller introduced me to this Latin word. BTW, Mark has a blog on leadership that I read regularly and would recommend for any leader.

Quantuvis, you choose. Could you really be in charge of your own destiny? Usually we look for someone or something to blame that is keeping us from all that the Lord had for us. Some senior leaders say, “If I had a better team, we could really go places!” “The team is just holding me back”. “The people aren’t with me”. “For some reason, the Lord isn’t allowing the breakthrough”. “It certainly isn’t me, I am open to the Lord and all that He has for me”, the list goes on and on.

As long as we can point the finger at someone or something else, we are off the hook. We don’t have to change because we are not the culprit, someone else is. When we accept the responsibility, we choose…… If the team isn’t with me, what am I doing to alienate the team? If the Lord isn’t on my side, then what do I need to do to get on His side?

Some team members say, “If we just had a better leader, we could really go places!” “ If the leader would be more open to my input, if they were more sensitive to others around them”…

While all of these aforementioned statements may carry some truth to them, they are not the main reason for you not being the leader that the Lord really desires you to be. Let’s stop blaming others and accept the responsibility that the Lord has given us to lead. Let’s choose greatness. Lead on.