I love this quote by Truett Cathy, “Fall in love with your work and you will never work another day in your life!” Why do you do what you do? Do you see it as a job? Hard work? Merely a responsibility that you need to fulfill? As a child I loved farming so much that I played farming. I had a pedal tractor that I drove around the yard “working the fields”. I had a great imagination so I dreamed of farming lots of acres with huge fields. I loved playing that, so when I was actually old enough to drive for real, it really wasn’t work for me, it was expanded play. I played hard as a youngster and now that I was older, I worked hard but it was really “playing hard.”

And then I was filled with the Holy Spirit and began dreaming of lives being changed by the power of God. As I read the scriptures, I would dream of the Gospels and Acts becoming reality for me. As opportunities presented themselves and I would respond as the Holy Spirit directed me,  it was my dreams coming true. Not really work, but dreams coming into reality.

When Jesus was left behind in Jerusalem by his parents, he was surprised that they were upset after looking for three days to find him. His response was, Didn’t you realize that I would be about my Father’s business. He was doing what He was created to do and He loved doing it. Can you say the same? Are you doing what you have been created to do. It doesn’t matter whether it is farming, selling real estate, owning a company, repairing tires, or leading a church. All of them are important in the Kingdom and the advancement of the Kingdom. I am just as excited about what the Lord is doing in the marketplace as I am about what He is doing in the church. One of my sons is a taxidermist and I love when he tells me how he takes the Kingdom into his workplace.

I love what I do and while there are times that I am exhausted physically, I really do not consider it “work”. It is life for me!  Flight delayed, it is all part of what I do. A problem with people, it is part of what I do. Someone going through a challenging time, yep, I love that too because all of these are opportunities for the Lord to show himself. I just returned from the Philippines and while there were challenges there and here while I was gone, it was exhilarating being part of what the Lord is doing. It wasn’t really work because I loved being in the center of what the Lord has for me. So as Truett said, fall in love with what you do and it will transcend from being merely work to really being life. Live it and love it!