Dr. Keith Johnson,  confidence coach, says; “If you want your life to change, first you have to change.  If you want your life to get better, first you have to get better. If you want your life to improve, first you have to improve.” While he has a clear understanding that it is the grace of the Lord that even gives us the power to change and improve, the decision is up to us to take first steps. For circumstances around us to change, first we have to change.

We have all encountered people who desperately want their situations to change but aren’t willing to do anything different to see change happen. They are “believing” for their relationship with their spouse to get better but they are still treating them the same, functioning in the same life patterns. Or they  desire their relationship with Jesus to grow, but are unwilling to spend any more time with Him than they currently are. They would like to have more money but are unwilling to look for a better paying job or change unhealthy spending habits. Each day we are making many value decisions based on what we deem as important. If I stay up late being entertained and then can’t get up in the morning, I have made a value decision and while entertainment is fine, it is a value judgment as to how much I allow in my life.

The challenge for me personally is to make sure that I am willing to change personally to bring about the changes that I desire to experience. It is easy to see where others need to make a change to be more impactful, more successful, a better person, but sometimes a little harder to see that in my own life. That’s why I read books on leadership, like Keith’s book The LQ Solution. I am just about through listening to Andy Stanley’s book, Next Generation Leader. That one is excellent!  I ask other leaders that I admire what they are reading, what are they learning so that I too can change. A friend of mine recommended David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I downloaded it that afternoon and began reading it that evening.

The change that you are looking for?  You hold the keys to bringing it into reality. I pray for change in my life and circumstances all the time, but then when the Lord speaks, I need to be willing to act. May your life today be one of action to bring about change. After all, Jesus said that His desire for us is to not just have life, but that we would have it more abundantly. John 10:10. And to receive that we have to continuously change.

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